You have a vision for your software projects, and a team ready to make that vision a reality. Atlassian has the tools your team needs to code, build, and deliver high-quality software more efficiently than ever before.

Bitbucket is the distributed version control system that makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team.

Bitbucket offers:

  • Pull requests – Facilitate code reviews, resulting in higher quality code and an opportunity to share knowledge amongst your team.
  • Branch permissions – Provide granular access control for your team, ensuring the right people can make the right changes to your code.
  • Inline discussions – Collaborate right in your code with inline comments, threaded conversations and mentions.

Find out more at the Bitbucket product page.


The Fisheye and Crucible code review tools let you track all your code activity in one place.

Fisheye and Crucible offer:

  • Activity streams – Follow what’s happening throughout your projects in real time with activity streams showing recent comments and review updates.
  • Inline discussions – Collaborate right in your code with inline comments, threaded conversations, and mentions.
  • Code search – Accurately search through your code using file names, partial paths, JIRA Software issues, and many more criteria to go straight to a directory, file, or chart.

Find out more at the Fisheye and Crucible product pages.

Bamboo is the software release management system that ties automated builds, tests, and releases together in a single workflow.

Bamboo offers:

  • Deployment projects – For the software you are deploying, a deployment project holds the releases that have been built and tested and the environments to which releases are deployed.
  • Dedicated agents – Run hot fixes and critical builds right away, with no wait in the queue for free build agents.
  • Visibility – Before deployment, see the full roll-up of code changes and JIRA software issues since the previous deployment.

Find out more at the Bamboo product page.

HOS Services

HOS software development specialists are not only some of the industry’s best developers, they are also top-level experts in the Atlassian suite of development tools. The combination of our expertise and Atlassian’s DevOps products will help you get the most out of your software development projects.


It’s not always easy to know which DevOps tools are right for your team, or how to make the most of the tools you have. HOS consultants can steer you in the right direction. Our consulting services start with a free on-site assessment. From this assessment, an experienced HOS consultant will recommend the right tools and configuration for your needs. Whether it’s a full set of code development, review, and release management tools, or an improvement in the way you’re using your existing tools, our solution will add value to your software development projects.


HOS contractors have the Atlassian experience to set up the best system for you – anything from a complete set of development tools to a minor reconfiguration. We can even provide ongoing contracting assets to supplement your existing software development teams.


Generic one-size-fits-all training isn’t enough to really maximize your gains from your DevOps tools. HOS’s one-time onsite training will help your software development staff get the most out of your specific toolset. In addition, you can always access ongoing training through our training center’s open enrollment courses.


Your software development needs never stop changing, and HOS is always there to back you up with just the support you want, just when you want it. Whether you need to tweak your version control system or install a new add-on for code review, HOS consultants can help. Since so many of our consultants are former military with active-duty experience, you can be confident that they are disciplined, responsive, and understand the meaning of “mission-critical.”