You don’t need a whole tool kit to hang a picture – just a hammer and nail. And you don’t need a whole office full of consultants to solve a business problem – just the right experts at the right time. With HOS consulting services, you’ll use only the SMEs you really need, and pay for them only when you need them, with no unexpected shortfalls and no hidden extras. For even greater savings, you can pre-purchase bulk hours at a discounted rate, and be guaranteed a low flat fee for any SME.

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Project Management Solutions

HOS delivers solutions for Agile software development, traditional Waterfall software development, and any other business processes.

IT Service Management Solutions

Let your IT specialists troubleshoot their clients’ problems, not their service desk software.

Vet-Sourced Help Desk Services

We combine the work ethic of U.S. Veterans with the efficiency of Atlassian products for a great help-desk solution.

Teamwork and Knowledge Management

Keep your company information organized, keep employees focused on core functions, and keep communication lines open.

DevOps Solutions

Let HOS deal with your development infrastructure so your team can focus on building great software products.

Amazon Web Services

HOS consultants are experienced in leveraging AWS cloud computing products and solutions to meet a variety of business needs.