Tiered Support Model

The HOS tiered support model provides the right level of support at the right price for any organization, from small businesses and start-ups to large corporations and government agencies.

Tier 1: Out-sourced but on-shore
In our first level of support, for common and simple issues, we provide trained and experienced personnel on call in YOUR time zone.

Tier 2: Embedded “boots on the ground”
At the next level, we provide in-house support to augment your own staff. They’re on hand for a cubicle drive-by, a mini-training session, or a customization that only someone who has worked with your staff would understand.

Tier 3: Heavy lifters/mission critical
This level is the rock-solid foundation where we handle essentials like hosting, security, and maintenance. Our most experienced consultants work with partners like Contegix and New Relic to do the heavy lifting and solve the toughest problems.