Teamwork and Knowledge Management Solutions

Businesses generate staggering amounts of information, in a dizzying array of formats, and that information serves many different purposes. On a typical day, an employee may participate in an online chat about a software bug, read a company blog post about new HR procedures, and update a formal, version-controlled instruction manual. And that’s just the beginning!
How do you create, store, and organize all the information your company needs, while keeping employees focused on their core functions and keeping the communication lines open within and between teams? The right tools combined with HOS consulting services equals end-to-end solutions.

Content Management:

Fast, Fluid, Flexible

Your employees generate ideas at a fast pace, and they need a place to store, organize, and communicate those ideas. Atlassian’s Confluence provides:

  • Wiki functionality for non-stop aggregation of the latest knowledge
  • Simple editor with ready-to-use templates for producing meeting notes, blog entries, and many other types of documents
  • Feedback and collaboration structure that eliminates time spent on “…who said what when?”
  • Integration with JIRA to give insight into development work

Team Collaboration:

Smooth, Simple, Secure

Atlassian’s HipChat keeps all your team members in touch wherever they are, with group and private chat, video, screen sharing, and much more, on just about any device your team uses. All this with robust security to keep your data safe and your IT manager happy.

Document Management:

Formal, Version-Controlled, Stable

Chances are, your company produces formal documentation related to specific products, and multiple writers and product developers collaborate throughout the product life cycle. Keeping products and documentation in sync is crucial – you need to keep team members in touch and track document versions through development, reviews, and approvals. Microsoft SharePoint has the features to solve the document control dilemma.

  • Centralized document repository for easy, immediate access to all documentation
  • Sophisticated version control to take the confusion out of version tracking
  • Review and approval work streams to automatically route documents to the right team members at the right time
  • Seamless MS Office integration with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and all the other MS tools your team already uses

Want the best of both worlds? Integrate Confluence and SharePoint to cover all your knowledge management needs.

Bring it all Together with HOS Consulting Services

HOS consultants never take the approach of “install a tool – problem solved!” We’ll analyze your situation and find the combination of tools and processes to produce your knowledge management solution. Count on HOS for the complete package of installation, integration, and training. And keep counting on us for ongoing support whenever you need it – and only when you need it.

Contact us to schedule a free assessment and start taking control of your company’s information assets.