Project Management Solutions

Not another cookie cutter project manager company, HOS delivers project management solutions built to your requirements. Our program and project managers have the tools and experience to guide, manage, and support Agile software development, traditional Waterfall software development, and any other business processes.

Software Development

Both Agile software development projects and traditional Waterfall model projects are more successful with the right tools and the right expertise.

Agile Model

The Agile model is a great way to bring speed, flexibility, and responsiveness to software development. But without the right project management tools and expertise, it can present huge challenges.

Atlassian’s JIRA Software is the top software development tool for Agile teams. HOS consultants are the top experts in managing Agile teams using JIRA Software. Together, we can help your team plan, track, and release great software.

Traditional Waterfall Model

The traditional Waterfall model is a tried-and-true method for successful software development. HOS consultants bring years of experience in project management using two top management tools:

HOS can help you choose the right tool set for your environment, or work with your existing tools to keep your team organized through multiple release cycles.

Core Business Processes

Expert project management and the appropriate tools make all business processes run more smoothly.

Every company, in every line of business, has a core set of essential processes, and the efficient management of those processes can mean the difference between success and failure. Finance, HR, marketing, and a host of other functions require planning, tracking, reporting, and collaboration between teams.

HOS can design the project management architecture that works best for your company, and provide the management expertise to keep all your teams successful. Our consultants are leaders in the most effective project management systems:

  • Atlassian’s JIRA Core helps your team stay focused and keeps them connected.
  • Microsoft Project keeps your team organized with intuitive scheduling and reporting.

Contact us to schedule a free assessment and find out how HOS project management solutions can give your company the extra edge.