Enterprise Organizations

The larger your business, the more important it is to coordinate across the whole organization and keep the big picture in view.

“My company has so many teams, all with their own schedules, releases, architectures – I can’t keep track of the big picture.”
Atlassian project management tools give you visibility and traceability across all teams and projects.

“Our teams and their leaders have their own ways of doing things – they don’t want cookie-cutter solutions pushed on them from the top.”
All Atlassian tools are adaptable and customizable, so every team can make the software fit the way they work best.

“We have too many meetings, but not enough meeting of the minds.”
Atlassian collaboration tools like Confluence and HipChat let your team get organized and stay connected online, not in the conference room.

“We’re not a tech company – why do we have so many resources tied up in just managing our technology?”
HOS’s highest tier of support provides dedicated on-site support to handle all your technology needs, with experienced SMEs and resource partners to do the heavy lifting.

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