Certificate Programs in Atlassian Software
– from HOS!

Are you looking to change careers or advance your current career?
Are you ready to take your IT / DevOps career to the next level?
Would you like to become a highly paid contractor or consultant?

High Order Solutions offers FIVE specifically focused certificate programs in Atlassian software designed to move IT professionals into the marketplace quickly with the right knowledge and skill sets.
The Atlassian software suite is used worldwide, including in 80% of the Fortune 500 companies, so knowledgeable professionals with Atlassian training are always in high demand. See our blog post on career opportunities with Atlassian for job descriptions and salary examples.

Atlassian User, Developer, and Manager Tracks

HOS offers three tracks that use our own specially-designed curriculum along with hands-on workshops to prepare students to become Atlassian professionals ready for new jobs. All classes and workshops are led by Atlassian admins with current, real-world experience.

Upon successful completion of each track, HOS awards a certificate of completion that the student has received the prerequisite knowledge necessary to start employment as an Atlassian User (Track 1), a Developer or Tester using Atlassian software (Track 2), or a Manager using Atlassian software (Track 3). 

Each track meets one evening per week for three months.

Track 1

Atlassian User

A fast-paced introduction to both JIRA and Confluence for users

Nine HOS Atlassian courses, plus three add-on workshops


Track 2

Atlassian Developer

A deep dive into Confluence and JIRA Software plus Atlassian dev tools for developers working in an Agile/Scrum environment

Six HOS Atlassian courses, plus six add-on workshops


Track 3

Atlassian Manager

An intensive introduction to using Confluence, JIRA, and third-party tools to manage all types of business teams

Nine HOS Atlassian courses, plus three add-on workshops


Atlassian Administrator and ACP Tracks

As an Atlassian Training Partner, HOS offers two tracks that use official Atlassian curriculum along with add-on workshops, labs, and other classes to prepare students to become Atlassian JIRA Administrators and Atlassian Certified Professionals (ACP). Official Atlassian courses are taught by an Atlassian Authorized Instructor, and all workshops and labs are led by working Atlassian admins for a current, real-world experience.
Upon successful completion of each track, HOS awards a certificate showing that the student has received the training necessary to become an Atlassian JIRA Admininstrator (Track 4), or to pursue certification as an Atlassian Certified Professional (Track 5).

Authorized Training Partner status applies only to courses marked “Official Atlassian Curriculum”

Track 4

Atlassian Administrator

A thorough and methodical 6-month training program intended to take JIRA/Confluence Users & Developers from project and space admins all the way up to Application and Systems admins.


Track 5

Atlassian Certified Professional Prep

A 3-month exposure to a combination of official study courses and use case deep dives to prepare you for your exams.


More Than Just a Training Program!
There are other Atlassian training programs, but the HOS program gives you more: more experience, more guidance, more value.
Business is growing at HOS, which means more opportunities for hiring qualified candidates with as much experience as possible. Part-time internships with flexible hours will be available from day 1 to all students in the JIRA Admin track (Track 4). Some of the internships will be paid. When you finish the JIRA Admin program, you will already have documented OJT (on-the-job-training) work experience to put on your resume.
During your training program you will be assigned an Atlassian Admin Mentor to help guide you along the way as you pursue your new Atlassian career.
Watch for Track 5, Atlassian Certification Prep, coming soon. This track will prepare students to take the Atlassian exams to be Atlassian Certified Professionals.
Time and Place
Classes are conveniently scheduled for working adults: each track meets for just 3 hours, 5:30pm to 8:30pm, one night per week. (In some tracks, longer classes may be taught on Saturdays.)
The next Track 1 (Atlassian User) starts on Tuesday, April 3; Track 2 (Atlassian Developer) starts on Thursday, April 5; and Track 3 (Atlassian Manager) starts on Monday, May 7. Tracks 4 and 5 will be scheduled soon.

All classes and workshops are held at the HOS Training Center in Frisco.

Cost and Financing
Each track is priced so that you save money by signing up for the entire track rather than taking each class and workshop individually.

Convenient financing is available for all tracks. Ask for finance terms when you apply for the program.

Although we’re looking for students who are ready to make a long-term commitment, we also know life happens and sometimes people change their minds. Those wishing to drop may do so and only owe the remaining balance for the courses they’ve already completed.

How to Apply
To find out more, or to apply for the certificate program, call 972-294-7014 x3000 or email HOS at training@highordersolutions.com.

Note: Due to the time and financial investment you and HOS are making, candidate screenings will be thorough and prerequisites strictly adhered to. Documented experience in IT is a major “plus.” Candidate selection will be limited to those who are serious about the commitments necessary to graduate.