Certificate Track 1: Atlassian User Foundations

Total cost: $2000
One Half-Quarter (1 Octal) – 6 Weeks in Length

In this introductory track, students start to work with Confluence and explore how JIRA is organized. Students gain hands-on experience working with the applications by performing the most common tasks.

Getting Started with Confluence (3.5 hours)

In this introductory course, students will focus on starting to work successfully with Confluence. They’ll learn the basics of Confluence and how to use it most effectively as they build their content and collaborate with co-workers. Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Navigate inside of Confluence’s hierarchical environment
  • Create, edit and format documents in Confluence 
  • Create great looking content using formatting tools 
  • Work collaboratively with co-workers inside of Confluence 
  • Use Confluence’s social network features such as like, share, and comment 
  • Link documents to content inside and outside of the Confluence environment 
  • Use macros to create robust content
JIRA Essentials (3.5 hours)

In this course, students learn how JIRA is organized and gain hands-on experience working with the JIRA application by performing the most common tasks. Students work through real-life scenarios using a preconfigured instance of JIRA. Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Create a JIRA issue and progress it through the workflow
  • Monitor the issue status as it flows through the workflow using search
  • Describe how issues are categorized in JIRA
  • Save a search to simplify status requests
  • Modify existing issues, changing priority and assignees
  • Update multiple issues in one operation to align with changing business requirements
  • Use versions to coordinate a product release
  • Communicate progress of project tasks using the JIRA dashboard
Getting More from Confluence (3.5 hours)

In this course, as a continuation of “Getting Started with Confluence,” students will learn to complete advanced user and space administration tasks when implementing a Confluence environment. Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Work with macros and add-ons
  • Create, edit, and sort data in tables
  • Use and modify blueprints and templates
  • Use advanced content creation tools 
  • Set up users and permissions
  • Create and configure spaces 
  • Configure global settings 
  • Install macros and add-ons
JIRA/Confluence Integration (3.5 hours)

In this course, students learn how to use JIRA and Confluence together in ways that enable teams to manage projects seamlessly across the two applications. (Note that this course is not about integrating Confluence and JIRA from a system administration context.) Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Use JIRA and Confluence to manage the development process
  • Manage tasks and projects using applications that they are familiar with
  • Provide project-level reporting on tasks across applications 
  • Ensure that each member of the team is in touch with the development process and can work efficiently on tasks