And the Hits Just Keep On Coming...

As you all know, High Order Solutions was presented in 2019 with a Hire Vets Medallion Award for hiring unemployed and transitioning veterans. As a Veteran Owned Business one of our core missions is providing unemployed Veterans and their immediate family members with inexpensive or free training, internship experience, and job placement assistance.

And this year our efforts have been recognized again. Not only has HOS been nominated again for this prestigious award for 2020, but the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas American Legion have BOTH awarded HOS with the 2020 Small Employer of the Year!

Thank You to everyone who made this possible.


Consulting and contracting that meet your needs


Expert support for Atlassian product deployments


Services plus products to bring customized solutions


Experienced instructors to keep your team up to date

HOS is headquartered in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex and has been since 2013

Just north of Dallas in Frisco actually, the fastest growing community in the United States. When our competition says they have “offices” in the DFW, they might just mean a co-working office with most of their staff working in another city or another time zone, another country’s time zone. Our building is here, our highly qualified administrators & consultants are here, and our home-grown “farm-team” support staff are here…in YOUR neighborhood.

A large majority of our highly trained and professional staff (90%+) come from the toughest stock there is…the U.S. Military. As a Veteran Owned Business we made it our mission to train and employ Veterans in all facets of Atlassian and AWS administration and support. And like active military, we work as a team.

When you get one of our skilled administrators working on your environment you get more than a no-quit, professional attitude with years of experience. You get access to all of our team. When one of your contractors goes on vacation or is out sick can you call the recruiting firm and ask them to send over a back-up that’s already up to speed on your needs? No? That’s what you get with a HOS administrator.