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Michael Davis

Michael Davis

Atlassian Administrator

Michael is an Atlassian Admin and Team Lead. He is critical thinker, has superior organizational skills, and understands the importance getting to the source of an issue. He will do what is takes to fix, complete, implement a task as efficiently as possible without losing accuracy.  He is an instructor for HOS’s technology training classes, helping Vets gain new job skills that can be made available to clients or direct job placements.

Accounts include: Biotech, E-commerce

Past Experience: 15 years medical field as a paramedic and U.S. Army Healthcare Specialist/combat medic

Certifications: A+, NET+, SEC+

Other stuff he is good at: Video production

Modus Operandi: “I am big fan of getting it right the first time. It may take longer, but I won’t have to go back seven times to fix and refix.” 


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