Businesses generate staggering amounts of information, serving many different purposes, and employees need to understand and discuss that information. On a typical day, an employee may participate in an online chat about a software bug, read a company blog post about new HR procedures, and update a formal, version-controlled instruction manual. And that’s just the beginning! It’s not always easy to get everyone on the same page, but Atlassian Confluence can get your team working together seamlessly. You can even integrate Confluence and Microsoft SharePoint to cover all your knowledge management needs.

Spend less time hunting things down and more time making things happen. Organize your work, create documents, and discuss everything in one place.

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Confluence offers:

  • More than just text – Include multimedia, dynamic content to make your work come to life.
  • Document management – Manage your files smoothly with automatic versioning, instant previews, full-text search, and pinned comments.
  • Integration with JIRA – Connect to JIRA to provide insight into your development work with automatic linking, quick issue creation and reports in Confluence.
  • Pre-loaded templates – Start with best practice templates for all types of popular pages, and don’t fuss with formatting.
  • Version control – Track every version and change to every page. Files are automatically versioned as well!

Add-ons Add Value!

HOS Confluence expertise doesn’t stop with Confluence – our consultants also have extensive experience with numerous add-ons that extend the functionality of Confluence even further:

  • Adaptavist Content Formatting Macros – Transform your content with over 30 easy-to-use macros, including tooltips and footnotes.
  • Arsenale Lockpoint – Lock and unlock Confluence attachments for exclusive editing and controlled change management.
  • Advanced Tables from Bob Swift – Present your data in a variety of eye-catching, easy-to-read table formats.
  • Brikit Theme Press – Build beautifully-designed employee intranets and knowledge bases without coding.
  • Adaptavist ScriptRunner for Confluence – Use built-in scripts or write your own to make Confluence more dynamic.
  • Custom dashboards for Confluence – Create great-looking custom dashboards for each team – and even for individual users!
  • Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence – Create flowcharts, network diagrams, wireframes, and many other graphics and add them directly to Confluence pages.
  • Include Content by Label for Confluence – Include content from other pages, including attachments, by specifying the page label.
  • Team Calendars – Manage team leave, track JIRA Software projects, plan events, and more.
  • Copy Page Tree – Easily copy entire page trees.