Release Date: 10 Mar 2021

Who should care about this Update: Administrators

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New Features:

The Headliner New Feature:

Besides these usual Bug Fixes and a few requested new features, the big What’s New is what Adaptavist has done with their workflow functions. They’ve been moved and are now visible alongside all the other Jira workflow functions.

See for a very helpful animation on how to use this new Feature.


How to Use this New Feature:

  1. From the Administration Cog, go to Manage Apps
  2. As in previous versions go to ScriptRunner Console, Workflows.
  3. Click Create Workflow Function
  4. Once configured, proceed to Administrator > Issues > Workflows and edit your workflow in Diagram View.
    Access the transition and select Conditions, Validators or Post Function and create your new action.
    Your new workflow function will be available alongside all the other functions in the Jira Workflow Edit screens.

Should You Upgrade?

Definitely. This new update will make your job of creating and then implementing workflow functions a LOT easier.