Release Date: 09 Mar 2021

Who should care about this Update: Tempo Administrators

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New Features:

  • Bug Fixes; and
  • It is now possible to filter users by Tempo Program IDs (a Program is a collection of Tempo Teams) in the Manage Staff page.

Upgrading from a version prior to 11.0?

Heads Up.  With the latest major version of Tempo Timesheets (v11.0.0) features changes to the Jira SPI and Jira REST API. This results in the Tempo Team custom field being returned as an object rather than as a string and also makes it possible to update the Jira SPI with an object. While it is still possible to use the existing Jira REST API endpoints to update the team custom field with name or ID, it is no longer possible to use the Jira SPI to do so. 

The goal in making these changes is to give you more flexibility when integrating with the Tempo Team custom field through the Jira SPI and API interfaces, and to allow those of you who use these interfaces to simplify your third party integrations. These changes will return a Team object that includes both the team name and the team ID (instead of just the team ID), which will allow you to access more information when you use the Jira SPI and REST API interfaces.

The Main Take-Aways?

  1. Please note that these changes may have an impact on third party apps and integrations within your organization. We recommend that you confirm that your critical third party apps are compatible with this change before upgrading.
  2. If you’ve built any ScriptRunner scripts referencing the team custom field, you will likely need to update them.

You can find more technical information about these changes here. Tempo has compiled information to help you understand how to update the team custom field in ScriptRunner scripts.

Other Improvements Include:

  • Tempo Team custom field is now returned as an object (rather than a string) that includes both the team name and the team ID.
  • CSV exports of Jira issue data now include team name instead of team ID in the Team field. This applies to data exported to CSV from Tempo’s Logged Time report as well as data exported to CSV directly from Jira.
  • Deprecation warning: Private endpoint rest/tempo-core/1/users/search is being deprecated and slated for removal.

Should You Upgrade?

YES, this upgrade is a minor one.

But if you’re coming from before v11.0.0 we always recommend testing your update in a sandbox environment first to make sure your changes don’t conflict with other add-ons or break any customizations or integrations you currently have in place.

Good Luck!