Release Date: 24 Mar 2021

Who should care about this Update: Jira Administrators

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New Features:


Bug Fixes:

There were two bugs fixed in this release. The first is only applicable for those of us using when constructing the XML parser for behaviors configuration data and Adaptavist has fixed this bug. See for more information.

The other bug is a bit more interesting…

Did you know that if you uninstall an add-on that uses a custom field on a Screen, Jira’s API still maintains a reference to that custom field’s ID even though it doesn’t exist? This can also happen when the add-on isn’t just uninstalled, but even if it’s disabled. The reference to it still exists in the API.

The (now) invalid custom field ID is used to lookup the custom field, which fails causing an exception error to be thrown when attempting to retrieve the field name.

v6.22.0 fixes this “Bug”.

How do you know if you’re effected by this Bug?

Here are the Steps to Reproduce

  • Add a ScriptRunner scripted validator to a workflow transition with a screen.
  • Install a third party custom field app (e.g. Watcher custom field).
  • Add a custom field provided by the app to the tab configuration for the screen configured for the transition from the above step.
  • Disable the app providing the custom field.
  • Execute the workflow transition and check for the exception.

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