Release Date: 07 April 2021

Who should care about this Update: Jira Administrators

Reference Link: 

New Features:

New Workflow Functions!!!!!

In this release Adaptavist has added the following new workflow functions:

 Click their links for more information on how to use them.



Bug Fixes:

There were several good bugs fixed on this release, including:

  •  Select Lists slow to open when there are lot of items to display
  • Copy Project has problems if the project in question has sub-tasks that need to be copied
  • Cloning Issues don’t get created when the issue type in question doesn’t exist in the destination project 
  • and if the Drop-down options of the Context Field have more than 3 lines of information, they will overlap each other.

Screenshot 2021-03-23 at 9.18.52 PM.png


And our favorite, (that still appears to be broken as of the time of this post)

  • Checkboxes in Automation for Jira are hidden when ScriptRunner is Enabled. 

We expect this last one to get fixed eventually, but until then, go here to follow these Steps to Reproduce if you’re curious:  

 Should You Update?

Yes, Absolutely.