Contracting Services

Whether your business needs short-term help with a single project, or ongoing contracting assets to augment your existing staff, HOS contractors have the expertise you’re looking for.

JIRA/Confluence Admins

Whether your organization is just beginning to adopt Agile practices using the Atlassian Suite, or your teams have been using Atlassian products for years, HOS has the expertise to help take your business to the next level. We can provide JIRA and Confluence administrators to help you install and configure the tools according to Atlassian Best Practices. We also offer customized one-on-one and classroom-based training to help your employees get up to speed. As your team grows, we will partner with you to identify add-ons and tools to meet your unique objectives. Along the way, we will be there to ensure your software is up-to-date and secure.

Developer Apps Admins

Software development is a dynamic activity. Teams are often adding new developers, transitioning key personnel to other roles, and spinning up new projects. When new developers are hired, any delays in getting them access to the tools and resources they need can be very costly indeed. HOS can provide your organization with a seasoned administrator for developer apps such as Atlassian Bitbucket, Stash, Fisheye, Crucible, Git, Subversion, JFrog Artifactory, SonarQube, Team Foundation Server, and many more. When time is of the essence, HOS Developer Apps Admins stand ready to help your development team with smooth onboarding and support.

DevOps Teams and Liaisons

DevOps is the intersection of multiple roles — a blending of responsibilities that enhances communication and collaboration. Developers find themselves writing tests, performing builds, and deploying to dev test environments. QA personnel find themselves writing code for test harnesses and deploying to QA test environments. The DevOps team increasingly deploys to the cloud, rather than to physical servers managed by a local IT team, so DevOps needs to become its own IT team. With so much happening, the role of DevOps Liaison has arisen to keep all the other roles working together smoothly.
An experienced HOS DevOps liaison can facilitate communication among all DevOps team members, and provide administrative support and training to help your team meet its objectives.
HOS can also supply resources for any of the following roles:

  • DevOps Evangelist
  • Release Engineer
  • Automation Architect
  • Developer Test Writer
  • UX Tester
  • DevOps Engineer

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