Veteran-Sourced Help Desk Services

Are you a small to medium sized business looking to augment or grow your IT department but don’t have the in-house resources and don’t want to out-source due to the high start-up costs or the problems that come with overseas support? Consider “Veteran-Sourcing” instead.

Everyone knows it’s about having the right tools and the right people. At HOS we have both, plus the plans to bring them together for your company.

The People

In short, “We Hire US Military Veterans.” HOS recognizes the already high reliability, accountability, and professionalism of our nation’s veterans, trains those veterans to support the tools your company and customers use, and then makes them available to you at a fraction of the cost it would take for you to hire them full time. And they are available where, when, and how YOU need them – not in another country, not in another time zone, and not speaking in technical jargon that confuses your customers.

HOS has partnered with several veterans’ support groups from many states so that we can find our out-of-work veterans the training they need, and then plug them into jobs that take care of them and their families while taking care of your business at the same time.

The Plans

HOS can stand up one of three solutions for your company, getting you out of the business of IT and back to what your company was made to do.

  1. BASIC – Small businesses (0-99 employees)
    • Tools: JIRA Service Desk (cloud-based) = 3 agent license
    • Staff: 1 shared HOS agent assigned and available during business hours
  2. PROFESSIONAL – Small to medium businesses (100-999 employees)
    • Tools: JIRA Service Desk (cloud-based) = 4+ agents
    • Staff: 1+ dedicated HOS agent available during business hours
  3. ENTERPRISE – Medium to large businesses (1000 or more employees)
    • Tools: JIRA Service Desk (cloud-based or on-premises installation) = 5+ agents
    • Staff: 3+ dedicated HOS agents available 24/7/365 on 8 hour shifts

Note: The business sizes shown above are approximate. Your HOS consultant will analyze your situation, including type of business, average number of support tickets, applications to be supported, and any factors unique to your business, to determine the right plan at the best price for your company.

The Tools

Using an incredibly inexpensive but highly scalable platform with the Atlassian JIRA Service Desk software, HOS makes service management simple.

The Next Step – Get Started With Vet-Sourcing

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