Automated Ticket Response

Feb 12, 2021


A Customer came to us asking for an automated response for their customers that do not respond to their tickets at 24, 48, and 72 hour intervals.

They also needed to make sure that all of these notifications were at the same time during the work week


For this problem you have three options:

  • create an automation using legacy automation to notify via email;
  • comment on the ticket;
  • use Automation for Jira to get a scheduled time that the automation can run


We decided the best course of action is to use Automation for Jira. For DataCenter it is a paid add-on but it comes free with Cloud

Why you’ll like Automation for Jira:

  • No need to write or manage custom scripts
  • Anyone can configure powerful automation rules easily
  • No need for multiple apps
  • Improve efficiencies and automate repetitive, manual tasks so you can focus on the bigger things
  • It’s flexible and powerful but somehow remains simple and not complicated to use
  • Automation does the manual work to keep Jira up to date so you and your team can focus on what matters
  • Endless use cases help teams of every size work smarter, not harder


Like most, this problem is only a small part of a bigger problem and a bigger solution that will require careful planning and execution. We always preach the easiest solution possible which is training our agent to be as interactive with the customer as possible but sometimes that doesn’t scale. So we need this automation and our roadblocks that caused us to choose Automation for Jira where

  • We need a schedule that ran first thing in the morning during the work week
  • We needed to send 3 different messages at different times of the ticket life cycle
  • We need to make sure that each notification was not sent out all at the same time