Data Center approaching next user level

Mar 25, 2021


Initial Complaint: Jira Data Center instance user count is approaching next Level for new pricing.

Root Cause: Client established a single sign-on where many grandfathered users occupy multiple – possibly up to 4 – user licenses; falsely inflating the user count to the next count level.


Why not simply delete all licenses from the internal directory when single sign-on is established?

  • ID naming conventions may not be exact matches. For example: different domains due to a company merger or moving from email address to First.Last
  • Not all Jira users occupy a license


Find and eradicate duplicates.  You can approach this two ways.

  • Manual Approach
    • Swap directories  – look at one person at a time
    • This is TIME heavy
  • Run a bashscript
    • Login to AWS-Jira instance, then login to  postgres QL database, then connect the the database tables to Jira.
    • Run a bashscript against the table.  A list is created for all users that have licenses, then sort by last log-in
    • Based on established protocol, remove users that have not logged in a designated period of time.
    • Once duplicated are identified, release the Jira license.  Single sign-on license will remain.

Why you need to make this a part of your Best Practice protocol:

Avoid painful consequences. The most obvious is increased cost, but there are other consequences that are equally important.

  • Create efficiencies – just like cleaning your phone, clean up your user population – keep your instance at top performance
  • Manage or Contain Risk – protect PI,  close back doors – prevent hacking.

Take-Aways & Lessons Learned:

Be proactive.  Schedule at least quarterly and especially after a merger or acquisition.  It is far cheaper to invest in prevention than in clean-up after a loses.