Public Sector

Public entities, from small towns to the federal government, have unique needs, and HOS has the tools and services to meet those needs.

“The mayor and the city council have me juggling a lot of projects, and they want to keep the voters informed about all of them, all the time!”
Project management is crucial when you are supplying vital public services. Atlassian tools like JIRA Core can keep all types of projects organized and on track, and provide constant visibility with reports and dashboards.

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“My agency has a lot of the same needs as a private business – hosting, monitoring, security, HR – but on an even larger scale and within a strict, specialized regulatory framework. How can one company help me with all of that?”
At HOS, we know we can’t always go it alone. Because we partner with a wide range of companies with public-sector experience, we can be your one point of contact and bring in the support you need from wherever you need it.

“I can’t bring in just any contractors on my projects. I need people who are qualified to handle sensitive classified information.”
HOS is a U.S.-based company, and many of our contractors and consultants have security clearances and previous experience with federal agencies and the military.